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What is Dry Needling Therapy?

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If you have ever experienced pain related to trigger points and muscles spasms, you will know that it can sometimes be difficult to perform everyday tasks. The area can be painful when touched, and this can radiate to other nearby parts of the body. This can be hugely debilitating and impact your life significantly. 


We understand that no one wants to live in pain, but not every treatment is right for each individual body. Therefore, to learn more about dry needling therapy we have compiled some must know facts to see if this technique is the one for you.


How Dry Needling Therapy Works


Dry needling therapy is a popular method for those suffering from the presence of painful trigger points and muscles. As a form of alternative therapy for pain relief, when combined with other technique such as exercise, patients get real results.


The technique involves having a qualified physical therapist push a very thin needle through the skin to help stimulate a trigger point. This assists in releasing tight muscle bands that are associated with trigger points or hard knots within a muscle. As these triggers point and knots can cause excessive pain over a large area, dry needling therapy helps to bring the pain under control.


It is important to note that while dry needling therapy and acupuncture may share some similarities, they are ultimately different practices. Acupuncture addresses the flow of energy around the body and organs, while dry needling is designed to focus on very specific areas of pain. Depending on your personal discomfort, one will be more suited to you than the other.


What Dry Needling Therapy Can Treat


The human body is complex, and you can experience pain in many forms, but according to the American Physical Therapy Association, triggers points have been identified as such:

  • migraines
  • computer-related disorders
  • tension-type headaches
  • carpal tunnel
  • whiplash associated disorders
  • spinal dysfunction
  • nocturnal cramps
  • post-herpetic neuralgia
  • complex regional pain syndrome
  • disk pathology
  • pelvic pain and other urologic syndromes
  • phantom pain
  • tendonitis
  • joint dysfunction

Seek Pain Relief at Our Sports and Remedial Massage Clinic


If you feel that dry needling therapy is right for you, or you would like to know more about the technique to make a final decision, we welcome to you to reach out to our sports and remedial massage clinic.


Our team at Christopher's Remedial Massage will focus on your unique body concerns and find the best pain relief solution based on your individual requirements.