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Welcome to Christopher's Remedial Massage – Servicing Ramsgate Beach, Kingsgrove and Enfield

You’re in good hands with our qualified massage therapist. Christopher is a sports and remedial massage therapist in NSW with over 17 years of experience in the industry. Each patient he deals with receives a personalised treatment, tailoring a massage to meet your needs and personal goals. Book a remedial massage consultation today at Ramsgate Beach clinic, also conveniently located for surrounding suburbs including Ramsgate and Kingsgrove.


How can Remedial Massage Benefit You?

Christopher has a wealth of experience in massage therapy. He is fully trained and qualified, and a current member of the Association of Massage Therapists (AMT). He will discuss your personal needs in detail and assess any injuries or tensions you may have, thereby enabling him to provide a completely personalised solution. Christopher is experienced in a number of massage therapies, including:


Sports massage Deep tissue massage Remedial massage

This form of massage is designed for athletes to treat sports-related injuries and pains. Regular treatment can help boost your sporting performance and help to restore mobility where necessary.

Deep tissue is a treatment designed to relieve pain and muscle tension in the body. It reaches deep layers of muscles as well as fascia and tendons, breaking down the tense areas within the muscle and helping to relieve restricted motion and movement. Remedial massage is used to treat muscular-skeletal disorders as well as various injuries and tensions. This type of massage can remove blockages, damaged cells and scar tissues, helping to speed up recovery and heal your body.



All massage therapies also have several psychological benefits as well, as each treatment helps produce stress-relieving hormones and relaxation hormones. If you have experienced an injury or tension in your body, Christopher can help you relieve any pains and get your body on its way back to a healthy state.


Book an Appointment in Ramsgate Beach Today

If you are interested in relieving any tension or helping treat any injuries you may have, Christopher is happy to book you in for an appointment. With clinics in Ramsgate Beach, it’s also accessible for surrounding suburbs such as Kingsgrove, Sutherland ShireKogarahHurstville and Brighton-Le-Sands. He is available at his Ramsgate Beach Clinic between Monday to Saturday. To discuss a masseur appointment, please call Christopher at the clinic phone number (02) 8033 3076 or his mobile number 0417 451 081. 



You’re in good hands with our qualified masseur who will personalise your massage therapy needs to achieve your exercise or personal goals.