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Health Impacts of Working from Home

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16:00 PM

While some people have been working from home for years, for the majority of society this is the new normal and we're ultimately feeling the effects of it. The longer we sit on our couches, read emails in awkward positions in bed, or work from the kitchen table, the more issues we are likely to face with our health. We don't know how long we will be at home for, but we do know how to help you take back some control of your pain and stiffness. Here, we have compiled some of the most common complaints we have seen since remote working was implemented, and tips on how to relieve your symptoms.


Stiff Back and Neck


Having bad posture may not be a new concept for many but working from home in unusual positions can aggravate the issue and create stiffness in your back and neck. It's important to ensure that you are not spending hours on your computer hunched over, but rather your body is aligned to see your screen, type on your keyboard and use your mouse or touchpad at a comfortable height. If you are straining to work on your computer, you need to readjust your workstation to match your body's requirements. Make it easier for your neck to hold up your head by reclining your chair 25-30 degrees, invest in a lumbar support, and move about in regular intervals. Small positive changes can make a big impact on your back and neck.


Read more about correct posture in our blog 'How To Repair Bad Posture While Working From Home'


Sore Arms


Constantly typing, moving your mouse, scrolling around your touchpad, and taking multiple phone calls with a bent elbow can cause fatigue and soreness in your arms. Resting your arms or wrists to type causes your forearms to do most of the work, and with this repeated behaviour day in and day out, you can begin to experience stiffness, numbness or pain. To counteract this problem, we suggest always keeping your forearms and hands level and straight when possible and keeping your arms close to the side of your body. You can also benefit from putting your phone on speaker or using a headset to take away the strain of holding a phone to your ear with a bent elbow.


Combat Pain with Remedial Massage


If you are really starting to feel the health impacts of working from home, take your pain relief a step further and seek professional help with a remedial massage. At our sports and remedial massage clinic we focus on your unique body concerns and work to find a solution best suited to your needs. 

To better understand the best massage treatment for your specific pain, reach out to our team at Christopher's Remedial Massage today.