Deep Tissue Massage, Yoga and Pilates in Brighton-Le-Sands and Surrounding Sydney Suburbs


Deep tissue massage is a form of remedial massage therapy designed to relieve pains and muscle tension in the body. For the full effects, it must be practiced by a qualified massage therapist. Christopher is a highly experienced remedial massage therapist working for over 16 years in the industry. He is a member of the Association of Massage Therapists (AMT) and focuses on personalising his treatments to address patients concerns most effectively. Deep tissue massage can be especially useful for breaking down tense areas within the body and helping to relieve issues with restricted motion. Combining deep finger pressure with slow strokes, this style of massage works deeply into the muscles for superior tension relief. It has also been found to reduce stress hormones and benefit your overall mood.




Experience the Benefits of Remedial Massage with a Qualified Massage Therapist


Frequent remedial massage treatments are a great way to promote relaxation and general wellbeing within your body and mind. When paired with yoga or pilates treatments, they’re the perfect combination for treatment. Together, it is commonly used to remove blockages, damaged cells or scar tissues and is ideal for speeding up recovery after injuries or excessive strain on the body. It works to improve recovery times by flushing lactic acid, uric acid and other waste products from the body tissue, which in turn allows for better circulation and stretching of vital ligaments and tendons. Christopher is a trained massage therapist with extensive experience performing remedial massage. He is available for appointments in many areas of Sydney, including Brighton-Le-Sands. Over the years he has treated many different injuries such as frozen shoulder, post-surgery and lower back pains and tightness, and continues to increase his experience in remedial therapies. His treatments can also assist with stimulating the skin and nervous system, stress relief and breaking down toxins in the body.


Christopher offers many different massage therapies to suit all kinds of injuries and complaints. If you’re an athlete or active person then a sports massage session may be most beneficial for your needs. Find out more about remedial massage, deep tissue massage and sports massage sessions with Christopher.


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Christopher services many suburbs and areas of Sydney, from Brighton-Le-Sands to Ramsgate Beach and Enfield. He is available for consultation Monday-Saturdays in various areas and can provide more information on his currently available locations when you enquire for a booking. To make a massage, yoga or pilates appointment in Brighton Le Sands please call Christopher on either the clinic number – (02) 8033 3076 – or mobile number on 0417 451 081.

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