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The Difference Between Remedial Massage and Sports Massage

Posted By Christopher’s Remedial Massage,
08/10/2020 10:00 AM
Deciding whether you need a remedial massage or sports massage can sometimes be a difficult choice. Both treatments offer their own set of benefits and serve their own purpose. So, to help you better...

What is Trigger Point Therapy?

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08/09/2020 15:20 PM
A trigger point is a tight area or knot in your muscle that causes pain in other parts of your body. The most common sites of trigger points are the neck, shoulders, back and hips. The referral pain...

What is Dry Needling Therapy?

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08/09/2020 15:00 PM
If you have ever experienced pain related to trigger points and muscles spasms, you will know that it can sometimes be difficult to perform everyday tasks. The area can be painful when touched, and th...

Health Impacts of Working from Home

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28/07/2020 16:00 PM
While some people have been working from home for years, for the majority of society this is the new normal and we're ultimately feeling the effects of it. The longer we sit on our couches, read...

How To Repair Bad Posture While Working From Home

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19/06/2020 14:00 PM
While Australia continues to work from home under the implemented lockdown laws, many of us are staring at computer screens in vastly different positions than what we are used to. Some people are set...